Is your team struggling to stay ahead of the change?

This live, online course is for a manager or leader who wants to make immediate adjustments to their culture that translate to tangible performance gains. In one week, you'll identify a challenge and develop a specific solution that you can implement right away.

You know how the “rules of the game” in the workplace are being re-written faster and faster these days, and no one’s really sure how to adapt? To maintain peak performance in times of change, you have to get past putting out fires and quickly shift the underlying patterns in your culture that are getting in the way of your ability to be proactive rather than reactive. But don’t be intimidated by the idea of “culture change.” Instead, focus on culture impact—concrete fixes to your culture patterns that will drive real performance gains, right away. This course will teach you how to make targeted changes to culture that you can use to keep your team's performance from falling off the rails in times of rapid change—using resources you already control.

In this one-week "bootcamp" you'll get:

  • 3 live webinar/online conversations (see below for details)

  • Resource materials, homework, and feedback in between each session

  • By Friday, you’ll have a specific action item written up—ready for implementation on the following Monday—that will have a direct impact on both culture and performance.

  • Oh, and as a bonus, you'll get a free one-hour coaching call with Jamie Notter any time following the bootcamp to advise you on your implementation.

One week to meaningful change:

  • Monday, June 22, 2pm ET: Connecting Culture Friction to Culture Patterns

    Your prep work will be to identify the areas of friction you’re experiencing, and then we’ll introduce four dominant culture patterns we’ve drawn from our research to help you identify the underlying drivers you’ll need to address to solve the friction points

  • Wednesday, June 24, 2pm ET: Connecting Culture Patterns to Culture Plays

    In the second session we will go over our fix/reinforce framework for identifying culture “plays” that you can run that will move the needle on the underlying culture pattern, all relying on resources you already have under your control. You’ll get a template to fill out to write up the action item and anticipated impact.

  • Friday, June 26, 2pm ET: Connecting Culture Plays to Concrete Results

    In the closing session, we’ll explore different approaches for measuring the results of the play you have written, so you can build momentum for additional plays down the road and expand the impact you’re having on your culture.

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