The Surprising Secret To Solving the Employee Engagement Equation

Get off the hamster wheel of engagement surveys and start getting results.

This is a 50-minute webcast by Jamie Notter that  explains why we have been failing to move the needle on employee engagement for decades, AND offers an alternative approach that will actually work. 

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Here's the session description:

Employee Engagement is the hot topic in organizational development, and for good reason. Trying to succeed when only a small fraction of your workforce is highly engaged is a huge challenge, and we’re all feeling the pressure. Yet few organizations have been able to unlock that untapped potential, as our engagement numbers have stayed flat for years. The ones that have cracked the code, however, are revealing some surprising secrets about what really drives engagement and how you can both improve it and sustain it over time.

In this webcast, culture and engagement expert Jamie Notter will introduce a concrete model for improving engagement that is supported by a decade of research and practice and will help you connect your engagement efforts to the real drivers of success and growth in your organization. Whether you are an organization that already has the funding for an employee engagement initiative or one that has just peaked an interest, this webcast is for you.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How effective employee engagement strategies increase your bottom line
  • Why there is a direct line between patterns in your culture and employee engagement
  • How to gain buy-in from stakeholders and kick-start your initiative
  • How to change key processes, structures, and technologies in order to improve engagement and drive results.

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