Culture Consulting at Human Workplaces

Learn about how we can help you create a culture that is aligned with growth and success.

Okay, obviously this is not a "course" like the others here. We just thought this would be a good platform to actually show you what we do in our culture consulting, without forcing you to read boring marketing copy! We've put together a short series of videos and related PDFs that will SHOW you what we do in our work. Here's what you'll find:

  • An overview of our culture consulting (this section)
  • Culture Analytics and the Workplace Genome Culture Assessment
  • What Culture Priorities Look Like
  • What a Culture Playbook Looks Like

Obviously, we're happy to talk to you directly about any and all of this so, don't hesitate to reach out.

What's included?

4 Videos
2 Texts
3 PDFs

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Jamie Notter
Jamie Notter
Trainer & Culture Consultant

About the instructor

Jamie Notter is a partner at Human Workplaces where he helps leaders create stronger cultures and upgrade their workplaces, based on a deeper understanding of their organizational genetic code. He brings 25 years of experience in conflict resolution, generational differences, leadership, and culture change to his consulting and speaking. Author of When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business, and Humanize: How People Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World, Jamie serves as adjunct faculty at Georgetown University.

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