Understand how to define culture and master the essentials -- the foundation for optimizing your culture management.

This brief course follows the outline of the ebook we published, originally back in 2013 (though we've updated it since then). It gives you a solid definition of what culture is (and what it isn't), and goes on to provide some basic advice on how to change your culture. 

The ebook itself is included in the last section of the course, and the whole thing won't take you much more than an hour to complete. 

But it's critical for any leader who wants to intentionally develop their culture to have these basics covered, or else your ongoing work will eventually get off track.

What's included?

7 Videos
4 Texts
1 Download

Course Curriculum

3. The Myth of Culture "Best Practices"
4. Creating Culture Priorities
5. Culture Change Basics

Get your culture basics covered so you can move on to the more powerful work!

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Jamie Notter
Jamie Notter
Trainer & Culture Consultant

About the instructor

Jamie Notter is a partner at Human Workplaces where he helps leaders create stronger cultures and upgrade their workplaces, based on a deeper understanding of their organizational genetic code. He brings 25 years of experience in conflict resolution, generational differences, leadership, and culture change to his consulting and speaking. Author of When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business, and Humanize: How People Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World, Jamie serves as adjunct faculty at Georgetown University.

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